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Commit 182fcff2 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

appinfo: only rewrite recommended applications when adding non-default

Otherwise you break the fallback + recommended distinction for a content
type, as you end up adding support for a given content type to *all* of
the applications claiming to support the supertype.
parent 94c67d84
......@@ -1250,10 +1250,10 @@ update_mimeapps_list (const char *desktop_id,
add the current list of (not yet listed) apps before it. */
list[i] = NULL; /* Terminate current list so we can use it */
system_list = get_all_desktop_entries_for_mime_type (content_type, (const char **)list);
system_list = get_all_desktop_entries_for_mime_type (content_type, (const char **)list, FALSE);
list = g_renew (char *, list, 1 + length + g_list_length (system_list) + 1);
for (l = system_list; l != NULL; l = l->next)
list[i++] = l->data; /* no strdup, taking ownership */
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