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Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.7 to GLib 2.25.8
* Initial support for dtrace and systemtap profiling:
- mainloop sources can be named
- probes for memory allocation with g_malloc and gslice
- gquark name tracking
- type creation
- object life-cyle (creation, finalization, ref, unref)
- signal creation and emission
* GVariant
- has been fixed to work with the FreeBSD malloc
- added introspection annotations
- new function: g_variant_builder_add_parsed
* GSettings:
- g_settings_set/get_strv functions have lost their length parameter
- g_settings_set_strv accepts NULL
- added introspection annotiations
* GPermission: an abstract interface for representing permissions,
with a minimal implementation named GSimplePermission
* GApplication: a basic application support class, with a D-Bus based
* Bugs fixed:
619585 glib-compile-schemas asserts on FreeBSD
620384 Annotate GVariant and GSettings _strv() functions
606044 Add support for dtrace/systemtap static markers
620350 add g_variant_builder_add_parsed() API
620349 utf8ify GVariant printer
620767 Typo in GSettings documentation: "INTLTOOL_NOMERGE_RULE"
620312 Fix g_settings_[gs]et_strv() API
620519 GPermission
620582 GPermission needs a simple implementation
620496 GSettings schema compiler should reject invalid paths
620173 missing single header inclusion guards
620265 g_assertion_message_error should take const GError *
* Translation updates:
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.6 to GLib 2.25.7
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