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    Fully deprecate TLS rehandshakes · bbbaae9f
    Michael Catanzaro authored
    Previously, the documentation indicated that it was possible to call
    g_tls_connection_handshake() after an initial handshake to trigger a
    rehandshake, but only if TLS 1.2 or older is in use. However, there is
    no documented way to ensure TLS 1.2 gets used. Nowadays, TLS 1.3 is used
    by default.
    I'm removing support for rehandshaking from glib-networking, as part of
    a large refactoring where keeping rehandshakes would have entailed
    significant additional complexity. So let's update the documentation to
    indicate this is no longer ever supported. Applications should not
    notice any difference.
    Also, sync some previous handshake and rehandshake changes from
    GTlsConnection to GDtlsConnection that were missed by mistake. I
    try to remember to always update GDtlsConnection when touching
    GTlsConnection documentation, but it's easy to forget.
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