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    Include gtypes.h not gobject/gtype.h · 5852eace
    Owen Taylor authored
    Sat Nov 17 14:10:35 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
    	* glib/gbsearcharray.h: Include gtypes.h not gobject/gtype.h
    	* glib/glib-object.h gobject/*.h: Prevent headers from
    	being included directly except when compiling GObject.
    	* gobject/gvaluecollector.h: Include glib-object.h so that
    	this file can be included directly, since we don't
    	include it _from_ glib-object.h.
    	* gobject/gtype.c: Remove struct _GValue hack since we
    	now include glib/gvaluecollector.h which simply pulls in
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