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    Modified Files: glib/ChangeLog glib/glib/giochannel.c glib/glib/giounix.c · 4cfd423a
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    Modified Files:
    	glib/ChangeLog glib/glib/giochannel.c glib/glib/giounix.c
            * glib/giochannel.c: Replaced the local use_buf variable with a macro
            in most places. This allows us to check some things without worrying
            whether we have allocated the read buffers yet, and allows us to allocate
            the buffers later in some cases.
            * glib/giochannel.c: Introduced a MAX_CHAR_SIZE macro, which is
            supposed to be greater than or equal to the length in bytes
            of the longest character in any encoding. This is necessary
            to get the minimum buffer size for successful writing.
            * glib/giochannel.c: Fixed g_io_channel_set_encoding () so
            that it just prints a warning if partial_write_buf isn't
            empty instead of failing.
            * glib/giochannel.c: Fixed several functions so they can accept
            NULL parameters for pointers to return values.
            * glib/giochannel.c: Altered the error handling for
            g_io_channel_read_chars () to only return an error if
            it doesn't have any buffered data.
            * glib/giochannel.c: Rewrote g_io_channel_write_chars ()
            to fix the error handling and remove duplicate sections
            of code.
            * glib/giounix.c: Fixed g_io_channel_new_file () to
            call fstat () to set the is_seekable flag, in case someone
            uses it on a FIFO.
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