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    Jun 29 13:36:39 2001 Owen Taylor <otaylor@redhat.com> · 42a23950
    Owen Taylor authored
            * glib/gstring.[ch] (g_string_set_size): Add function to
            allow setting the length of a string greater than the
            current length (for buffering usage)
            * glib/gstring.[ch]: Expose string->allocated_len, since
            that is useful when using GString simply as a buffer.
            (Renamed from string->alloc)
            * glib/giochannel.[ch] glib/giounix.c glib/giowin32.c:
            Major patch from Hidetoshi Tajima and Ron Steinke
            reworking GIOChannel to have:
             - Buffering
             - Sane and useful error reporting
             - Streaming encoding conversion with iconv
             - Convenience functions to read by lines or
               an entire file.
            Also fix remaining 64 bit cleanliness issues.
            * tests/iochannel-test.c tests/Makefile.am: Test case
            for IO channel streaming conversion. Still needs
            some fixing up.
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