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    define gstring in terms of gchar*. this typedef reflects the type name of · 09f8e937
    Tim Janik authored
    Fri Jun 23 17:20:26 2000  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * glib.h: define gstring in terms of gchar*. this typedef reflects
            the type name of the primitive G_TYPE_STRING in the gobject module.
    Sat Jun 24 23:03:04 2000  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * gtype.[hc]: provide G_TYPE_CHAR, G_TYPE_UCHAR, G_TYPE_BOOLEAN,
            G_TYPE_DOUBLE and G_TYPE_STRING fundamental types.
            added a GTypeValueTable* pointer to GTypeInfo structure for types
            to implement GValue handling functions.
            GTypeValueTable contains the following members:
              value_init(): initialize a GValue structure.
              value_free(): free GValue structure contents (optional).
              value_copy(): copy one GValue contents to another GValue structure of
              collect_type: varargs collection type for the first variable argument
              to be collected by collect_value().
              collect_value(): variable arguments collection function (optional).
              lcopy_type: varargs collection type for the first variable argument
              to be location copyied by lcopy_value().
              lcopy_value(): variable arguments location copy function (optional).
            g_type_value_table_peek(): new function to retrive the GTypeValueTable*
            for a type node. ValueTables get inherited from parent types, unless
            overridden through the GTypeInfo structure. internally, GTypeValueTable
            support means an added overhead of one pointer per static or used
            dynamic type node.
            g_type_add_class_cache_func(): provide a cache_func/data pair to be
            called  prior to a type nodes last_unref() function, this can be used
            to prevent premature class destruction. multiple installed cache_func()
            will be chained upon last_unref() untill one of them returns TRUE.
            the cache_func()s have to check the type id passed in to figure whether
            they actually wants to cache the class of this type (since any types are
            routed through the cache_func() chain).
            g_type_remove_class_cache_func(): remove a previously installed
            cache_func/data pair. the cache maintained by this function has to be
            clear when calling g_type_remove_class_cache_func() to avoid leaks.
            g_type_class_unref_uncached(): class unref function for cache_func()
            implementations, unreferences a class omitting the cache chain (and
            therefore unref->cache->unref->... loops).
            * gvaluetypes.[hc]: provide the value setters/getters for the primitive
            fundamental types boolean, char, uchar, int, uint, long, ulong, float,
            double and string.
            * gvalue.[hc]: provide G_TYPE_IS_VALUE() in terms of whether a
            GTypeValueTable is provided for this type.
            removed g_value_init_default(), g_value_validate(), g_value_defaults(),
            g_value_set_default() and g_values_cmp() as these are supplied by the
            GParamSpec API now.
            moved g_values_exchange() into the "implementation details" section,
            since it just provides the underlying functionality for
            * gvaluecollector.h: renamed the varargs value container from
            GParamCValue to GTypeCValue as the value collection methods are
            supplied by the type system now.
            G_PARAM_COLLECT_VALUE() and G_PARAM_LCOPY_VALUE() got renamed to
            G_VALUE_COLLECT() and G_VALUE_LCOPY() and operate without a
            GParamSpec structure now.
            * genums.h: macros cleanups/fixes.
            * genum.c: provide G_TYPE_ENUM and G_TYPE_FLAGS type
            and assorted g_value_{s|g}et_{enum|flags}() implementations.
            * gobject.[hc]:
            provide G_IS_VALUE_OBJECT(), G_TYPE_OBJECT ValueTable methods
            and g_value_{s|g}et_object().
            * gparam.[hc]: reduced class to value_set_default(),
            value_validate() and values_cmp(). also parameters now need to fill
            in a GType value_type; field to indicate the GValue type they
            are handling. provide g_param_value_set_default(),
            g_param_value_defaults(), g_param_value_validate() and
            * gparamspecs.[hc]: got rid of the g_value_* functions and
            the G_IS_VALUE_* macros. adapted param spec implementations
            according to the GParamSpecClass changes.
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