1. 09 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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  4. 21 May, 2019 1 commit
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      openssl: fix some uninitialized memory use · b2107f8a
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      g_tls_database_openssl_initable_init() is returning uninitialized memory
      on its success path. For me, result is usually 0, causing the call to
      fail. But for Ignacio, it's nonzero, causing the call to succeed.
      (cherry picked from commit ab9a3761)
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  13. 25 Apr, 2019 1 commit
    • Ignacio Casal Quinteiro's avatar
      database: use the default system store provided by openssl · ba00aaa9
      Ignacio Casal Quinteiro authored
      And let the file database an independent class in case that we
      need to use it.
      Note the default database does not implement all the base class
      methods since openssl does not provide us the api to iterate
      over the ca certificates.
      This is the reason the file database stays as is so we can iterate
      over and have good unit tests. In theory for the file database
      we should just add the file to the store and be done with it.
  14. 03 Apr, 2019 2 commits
  15. 02 Apr, 2019 2 commits
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      Prepare 2.60.1 · 8f73d92b
      Michael Catanzaro authored
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      Fix flaky failures in client auth failure tests · a5c18b55
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      The test is currently too strict about which errors to expect after the
      server drops the connection. It expects G_IO_ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE to only
      occur during the close, but it could also occur during the read, in
      which case there will be no error on close. It's a shame we can't
      guarantee a consistent error in this case and the errors in general
      could stand to be improved, but important thing is that there is some
      error: the read is (properly) not working.
      Fixes #66
  16. 01 Apr, 2019 1 commit
  17. 30 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      gnutls: fix spurious wakeups from GTlsConnectionGnutlsSource · 85051d2d
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      I lazily reused the need_finish_handshake variable to signal that it's
      time to stop cranking the handshake context, not realizing there are
      serious consequences to misusing the variable in this way. Now
      need_finish_handshake is always true after a sync handshake. This causes
      telepathy-idle to churn CPU with constant unnecessary wakeups. I didn't
      notice before because WebKit only uses async handshake.
      Note this bug meant telepathy-idle would never idle. HAR HAR!
      Fixes #69
  18. 29 Mar, 2019 2 commits
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      gnutls: simplify certificate verification · 14aebd56
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      This just moves code around. We currently have four different
      similarly-named functions that get called during certificate
      verification. We need three of them. This merges two together, and
      renames two of them to improve clarity.
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      gnutls: handshake context should not be exposed to API users · 3e26ae12
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      The handshake context is supposed to be private to glib-networking, but
      here it's accidentally exposed as the thread-default main context at the
      time the accept-certificate signal is emitted. So that's no good. Let's
      temporarily restore the previous thread-default main context for the
      signal emission.
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  24. 07 Mar, 2019 2 commits
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      gnome-proxy-module.c: Export the GIO module entry points · 90c4065a
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      As we could install gsettings-desktop-schemas and things work, we should
      also make sure that the GNOME proxy module also works on Visual Studio
    • Chun-wei Fan's avatar
      meson.build: Don't mandate pkg-config search for OpenSSL on MSVC · d3472a5d
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      It is likely that Visual Studio builds of OpenSSL do not have pkg-config
      files generated and so have to fall back into the header and .lib search
      combo sequence, so we only make OpenSSL's pkg-config files mandatory
      -We want to build the OpenSSL TLS backend
      -We are not building with Visual Studio
      On Visual Studio, when we ask for the OpenSSL TLS backend to be build,
      Meson already searches for the headers and the corresponding .lib
      pair as hard dependencies in the case that the pkg-config files are not
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