Commit c9d93192 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro

Revert "meson: improve GIO modules directory handling"

This reverts commit bb6f8fc3.

Let's try a different approach...
parent bb6f8fc3
......@@ -46,10 +46,7 @@ endif
glib_dep = dependency('glib-2.0', version: '>= 2.55.1')
gio_dep = dependency('gio-2.0')
gio_module_dir = get_option('gio_module_dir')
if gio_module_dir == ''
gio_module_dir = gio_dep.get_pkgconfig_variable('giomoduledir')
gio_module_dir = gio_dep.get_pkgconfig_variable('giomoduledir')
assert(gio_module_dir != '', 'GIO_MODULE_DIR is missing from gio-2.0.pc')
# *** Checks for LibProxy ***
......@@ -3,4 +3,3 @@ option('gnome_proxy_support', type: 'boolean', value: true, description: 'suppor
option('pkcs11_support', type: 'boolean', value: true, description: 'support for PKCS#11 using p11-kit')
option('installed_tests', type: 'boolean', value: false, description: 'enable installed tests')
option('static_modules', type: 'boolean', value: false, description: 'build static modules')
option('gio_module_dir', type: 'string', value: '', description: 'custom directory for GIO modules')
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