openssl: simplify client certificate retrieval code

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......@@ -341,32 +341,23 @@ retrieve_certificate (SSL *ssl,
GTlsClientConnectionOpenssl *client;
GTlsConnectionBase *tls;
GTlsCertificate *cert;
gboolean set_certificate = FALSE;
GError **certificate_error;
client = SSL_get_ex_data (ssl, data_index);
tls = G_TLS_CONNECTION_BASE (client);
certificate_error = g_tls_connection_base_get_certificate_error (tls);
g_tls_connection_base_request_certificate (tls, certificate_error);
client->ca_list = SSL_get_client_CA_list (client->ssl);
g_object_notify (G_OBJECT (client), "accepted-cas");
cert = g_tls_connection_get_certificate (G_TLS_CONNECTION (client));
if (cert != NULL)
set_certificate = TRUE;
if (cert == NULL)
g_clear_error (certificate_error);
if (g_tls_connection_base_request_certificate (tls, certificate_error))
cert = g_tls_connection_get_certificate (G_TLS_CONNECTION (client));
set_certificate = (cert != NULL);
g_clear_error (g_tls_connection_base_get_certificate_error (tls));
if (g_tls_connection_base_request_certificate (tls, g_tls_connection_base_get_certificate_error (tls)))
cert = g_tls_connection_get_certificate (G_TLS_CONNECTION (client));
if (set_certificate)
if (cert != NULL)
EVP_PKEY *key;
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