Commit 72a83a4c authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro

Really remove CA path build option

Missed a spot in the previous commit.
parent 4ca53e6d
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......@@ -4,4 +4,3 @@ option('libproxy', type: 'feature', value: 'auto', description: 'support for lib
option('gnome_proxy', type: 'feature', value: 'auto', description: 'support for GNOME desktop proxy configuration')
option('installed_tests', type: 'boolean', value: false, description: 'enable installed tests')
option('static_modules', type: 'boolean', value: false, description: 'build static modules')
option('ca_certificates', type: 'string', value: '', description: 'path to system Certificate Authority list for OpenSSL')
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