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    Created a common implementation for TLS session cache · 13b9f541
    Goncalo Gomes authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    There are too many similarities between GnuTLS session ID and the
    session cache, so it is desirable to merge the implementations so
    that it is easier to maintain and leads to more similar behaviours
    across backends.
    This commit moves the OpenSSL backend session cache implementation
    to the base class as well as the session id calculation.
    In GnuTLS the session id is also used to assert that the copy session
    state is done properly (before handshake of the new class and after
    handshake of the old class). That behaviour was maintained but the
    session id is now computed when the base class is constructed.
    Adds as well some operations that need to be abstracted in order for
    the lifetime of the different objects in each backend to be
    maintained properly.
    Fixes #194
    Part-of: <!221>