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    Remove the PKCS#11 backend · 4d6caa03
    Michael Catanzaro authored
    Nowadays the normal GnuTLS backend has full PKCS#11 support. (At least,
    it's certainly supposed to.) The PKCS#11 backend has been disabled in
    2.58, which is two months old now, and not a single complaint has
    reached me from Ubuntu 18.10 or Fedora 29 or anywhere else. It's always
    required a special environment variable to enable anyway, so I consider
    all of this code experimental.
    If anyone has a reason to keep this code around, please speak up now! We
    can consider reverting this if there's a good reason to keep the PKCS#11
    backend around that I'm not aware of. But I'm guessing there's not.
    Fixes #7
    Obsoletes #8
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