1. 23 Jan, 2007 1 commit
  2. 26 Jul, 2005 1 commit
  3. 15 Nov, 2004 1 commit
    • Ivan Wong's avatar
      - add option "--verbose". - add POPT_AUTOHELP. - use dynamic version of · 675274fa
      Ivan Wong authored
      2004-11-13  Ivan Wong  <email@ivanwong.info>
      	* main.c, src/glade.h:
      	  - add option "--verbose".
      	  - add POPT_AUTOHELP.
      	  - use dynamic version of popt on win32.
      	* src/glade-editor.c: Some compilers don't know __FUNCTION__,
      	  G_GNUC_FUNCTION is better.
      	* src/glade-gtk.c:
      	  - GLADEGTK_API should precede return type.
      	  - glade_gtk_button_set_stock() now checks "use-underline" when "stock"
      	     is restored to glade-none.
      	* src/glade-menu-editor.c: MSVC doesn't know #warning,
      	  use #pragma message for that.
      	* src/glade-property-class.[ch]:
      	  - MSVCRT.dll hasn't got strtoll(), use _atoi64() for that.
      	  - add orig_def for storing the orginal default value that
      	    is overridden by a custom default.
      	* src/glade_plugin.def: added glade_editor_load_widget.
      	* src/glade-editor.c, src/glade-gtk.c, src/glade-parameter.c,
      	  src/glade-property-class.c, src/glade-transform.c, src/glade-widget.c:
      	  fixed some signed/unsigned mismatch and truncation warnings that only
      	  appears in MSVC.
  4. 03 Nov, 2004 1 commit
    • Ivan Wong's avatar
      Win32 related fixes (bug 154927) · 0b45fe74
      Ivan Wong authored
      2004-11-02  Ivan Wong <email@ivanwong.info>
              * acconfig.h, autogen.sh, config.h.win, configure.in, src/Makefile.am,
                src/glade-catalog.c, src/glade-palette.c, src/glade-project-window.c,
                src/glade-widget-class.c, src/glade_plugin.def, src/main.c: Win32
                related fixes (bug 154927)
  5. 06 May, 2004 1 commit
    • Joaquin Cuenca Abela's avatar
      Remove the accelerator label. · d647d15f
      Joaquin Cuenca Abela authored
      2004-05-05  Joaquin Cuenca Abela  <e98cuenc@yahoo.com>
      	* widgets/gtk-base.xml: Remove the accelerator label.
      	* widgets/gtkdialog.xml, gtkmessagedialog.xml, gtkwindow.xml: Remove
      	the tooltip property. Now it's only specified in gtk-widget.xml.
      	* widgets/gtkwidget.xml: Add a tooltip property.
      	* pixmaps/hpaned.png,vpaned.png: swap these two icons.
      	* src/glade-gtk.c: Implement glade_gtk_widget_set_tooltip, still not
      	* src/glade-editor.c: Don't show "invisible" properties.
      	* src/glade-property-class.[c,h]: Remove GladePropertyQuery. Now the
      	queries are done in glade-gtk.c. Add a glade_property_class_is_visible
      	function, that says if a property should be visible in the properties
      	editor. The difference with Disabled is that the visible status
      	will be checked when the property is added to the editor (and thus
      	the check is done against the real GladeWidgetClass, say "GtkLabel")
      	and Disabled is checked at the creation of GladePropertyQuery
      	(and thus the check is done with a possibly abstract GladeWidgetClass,
      	as "GtkWidget"). In addition, "Visible" specify a function that
      	returns true or false in function of the GladeWidgetClass passed.
      	That way implementing "tooltips" property becomes much less cumbersome.
      	* src/glade-project.[c,h]: Add a GtkTooltips to the project.
      	* src/glade_plugin.def: Add to two new functions to be used by glade-gtk.c
  6. 21 Apr, 2004 1 commit
    • Joaquin Cuenca Abela's avatar
      fix 3 bad pixels in the shadow of these icons. account for changes on · f1d6c998
      Joaquin Cuenca Abela authored
      2004-04-21  Joaquin Cuenca Abela  <e98cuenc@yahoo.com>
      	* pixmaps/fontselectiondialog.png, [vh]paned.png, messagedialog.png:
      	fix 3 bad pixels in the shadow of these icons.
      	* src/glade-clipboard-view.c, glade-editor.c, glade-project-view.c,
      	glade-widget-class.h: account for changes on GladeWidget.
      	* src/glade-command.[ch]: account for changes on GladeWidget, and add
      	a new command for add/remove signal handlers.
      	* src/glade-signal.[ch]: rename glade_signal_compare by glade_signal_equal
      	and glade_signal_copy by glade_signal_clone.
      	* src/glade-utils.[ch]: move glade_util_replace_placeholder in a generalized
      	form to glade-widget.c. Make glade_util_get_parent work even for toplevels.
      	New glade_util_object_set_property function to set a property on a
      	GladeWidget using the set_property specified in GladeWidgetClass if any
      	(or g_object_set_property otherwise).
      	* src/glade-widget.[ch]: rewritten from scratch as a GObject. It exposes a
      	new API. It also fixes several bugs.
      	* src/glade-property.[ch]: account for changes on GladeWidget, and assure
      	that we don't assing a widget with an ID higher than needed.
      	* src/glade-signal-editor.[ch]: account for changes on glade-widget.c. The
      	API for adding/changing/removing signals handlers has changed, so this file
      	is quite affected. Chop the biggests functions for clarity. Account for the
      	new command add/remove signal handler (to get TODO/REDO functionality).
      	* src/glade-placeholder.c: fix the destruction of placeholders that don't
      	reach the realized stage.
      	* src/glade-gtk.c: move much of the fill empty functions to post create,
      	querying for properties as size, nb-rows, etc. when needed. Add some
      	placeholders to the action area of a dialog box.
      	* src/glade-clipboard.[ch]: As glade-widget now has a reference count,
      	remove glade_clipboard_add_copy, and use only glade_clipboard_add.
      	* src/glade-popup.c, glade-project-window.c: Account for changes on
      	* widgets/gtk-base.xml: Add a file for GtkLabel and GtkFrame.
      	* widgets/gtk-box.xml: remove the fill empty function and add a post create
      	function (post create will query the number of items in the box and add
      	the placeholders).
      	* widgets/gtkbutton.xml, gtklabel.xml, gtktogglebutton.xml,
      	gtkcheckbutton.xml, gtkradiobutton.xml: Add a default label.
      	* widgets/gtktable.xml: simplify and remove fill empty (post create will
      	do the work, querying for the number of rows and columns).
      	* widgets/gtkframe.xml: simplify and set a default label.
  7. 11 Feb, 2004 1 commit
  8. 08 Nov, 2003 1 commit
  9. 02 Nov, 2003 1 commit
    • Joaquin Cuenca Abela's avatar
      rewrite it as a GtkWidget. Moved some of its functions to glade-utils.c. · 99aef79f
      Joaquin Cuenca Abela authored
      2003-11-02  Joaquin Cuenca Abela  <e98cuenc@yahoo.com>
      	* src/glade-placeholder.[ch]: rewrite it as a GtkWidget.  Moved some
      	of its functions to glade-utils.c.
      	* src/glade-command.c: Adapt the source to the new placeholder.
      	* src/glade-packing.c: ditto.
      	* src/glade-popup.c: ditto.
      	* src/glade-types.h: ditto.
      	* src/glade-utils.c: ditto.
      	* src/glade-widget.c: Put a variable declaration before any statement.
      	* src/glade-widget.h: Add some forward declarations.
      	* src/glade-gtk.c: export the functions using __declspec(dllexport) in
      	windows and adapt to new placeholder.
      	* src/glade-editor.c: Use G_GNUC_FUNCTION instead of the non portable
      	* src/glade_plugin.def: def file with the exported functions from the
      	core of glade.  These functions may be used in glade-gtk.c, or in
      	* src/glade-plugin.h: include files need by glade-gtk.c.
      	any external module.  Only need in windows.