1. 04 Jan, 2011 1 commit
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  4. 06 Jul, 2006 1 commit
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      Added new icons. · 927d5d32
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      	* pixmaps/16x16/Makefile.am, pixmaps/22x22/Makefile.am:
      	  Added new icons.
      	* src/glade-widget.class.c, src/glade-cursor.c:
      	  Rework custom cursor code.
  5. 09 Aug, 2005 1 commit
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      Added new GladeFixedManager code to handle GtkFixed and GtkLayout in a · 7f477ebb
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      	* src/Makefile.am, src/glade-accumulators.[ch], glade-fixed-manager.[ch]:
      	  Added new GladeFixedManager code to handle GtkFixed and GtkLayout in a
      	  sexier fashion (and in a way that allows any GtkContainer to subscribe
      	  to this service through the plugin).
      	* src/glade-builtins.c: Fixed date typo
      	* src/glade-command.[ch]:
      	    - glade_command_set_properties () added to set multiple properties at
      	      the same time plus allowing to specify the old value that it changed
      	      from (this is usefull for drag & resize undo events).
      	    - Added a g_object_ref to the properties in set property commands
      	    - Create/Delete/Cut/Paste code to now use GladeFixedManager where appropriate
      	    - Now when we "Cut" a widget, we save a copy of its packing properties for
      	      future undo's (if it was pasted in another container and "undo" a couple
      	      times, this becomes nescisary).
      	* src/glade-cursor.[ch]: Added all the new cursor types needed
      	  for drag/resize events.
      	* src/glade-editor.[ch]: Handle property signals better, added
      	  signal handler for "value-changed" & "notify::enabled" signals to reload
      	  & update property values, removed alot of redundant property reloading code.
      	* src/glade-gtk.c: Remove the old clunky GtkFixed handling code and replaced
      	  it with a call to glade_fixed_manager_new () (also implemented fixed manager
      	  for GtkLayout).
      	* src/glade-marshallers.list: Added new marshallers
      	* src/glade-project-window.c, main.c: Removed all those includes and
      	  replaced with #include "glade.h".
      	* src/glade-property.[ch]: Fixed broken types from when I played with headers,
      	  now the forward declarations are back. (also changed CINFO for the more popular
      	  alternative; KLASS).
      	* src/glade-utils.c: glade_util_paste_clipboard () now is GladeFixedManager aware.
      	* src/glade-widget.[ch]:
      	    - use glade-fixed-manager to add children when loading glade files
      	    - notify manager of handled mouse events (this is a hack that should
      	      go, once we handle the streamlining of button-press-events on GladeWidget's
      	    - fixed broken types.
      	    - Added glade_widget[_pack]_property_set_enabled()
      	    - Added some doc.
      	    - Made glade_widget_retrieve_from_position() public.
      	* src/glade.h: Added headers.
      	* widgets/gtk+.xml: GladeFixedManager on GtkFixed & GtkLayout.
  6. 01 Aug, 2005 1 commit
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      Removed · eacde773
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      	* src/glade-types.h, src/glade-plugin.h: Removed
      	* src/Makefile.am src/glade-app.h src/glade-builtins.h
      	  src/glade-catalog.h src/glade-clipboard.h src/glade-command.c
      	  src/glade-command.h src/glade-cursor.h src/glade-editor.c
      	  src/glade-editor.h src/glade-gtk.c src/glade-palette.h
      	  src/glade-parameter.h src/glade-parser.h
                src/glade-placeholder.c src/glade-placeholder.h
                src/glade-project-view.h src/glade-project-window.h
                src/glade-project.c src/glade-project.h
                src/glade-property-class.c src/glade-property-class.h
                src/glade-property.c src/glade-property.h
                src/glade-signal-editor.c src/glade-signal-editor.h
                src/glade-signal.h src/glade-utils.h src/glade-widget-class.c
                src/glade-widget-class.h src/glade-widget.c src/glade-widget.h
                src/glade-xml-utils.h src/glade.h:
      	  Now "glade.h" is the libgladeui API include for both the plugin and
      	  the application side (Fixed sources in consequence to a few broken types).
  7. 19 Jun, 2001 1 commit