1. 12 Apr, 2013 2 commits
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    • Tristan Van Berkom's avatar
      Implemented autosave and backups · b669bff3
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
      Whenever the user saves, the last version of the file is backed up.
      Whenever the project is modified and idle for a configurable amount of
      seconds, the project is automatically saved.
      At load time, if the automatically saved file is newer than the proposed
      Glade file, Glade will popup a dialog and let the user choose to load
      the autosaved version instead
    • Tristan Van Berkom's avatar
      GladeProject: Added glade_project_backup() and glade_project_autosave() · e756d604
      Tristan Van Berkom authored
       o glade_project_backup()
         Backs up the last saved version of the glade file to project.glade~
       o glade_project_autosave()
         Saves the glade file to /path/to/#project.glade# without modifying
         the project's modified state.