1. 21 Nov, 2001 1 commit
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      Ignored the ParamSpec "name". We should solve this problem with a better · 7b58ce88
      Carlos Perell Marn authored
      2001-11-21  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * src/glade-property-class.c (glade_property_class_get_type_from_spec):
              Ignored the ParamSpec "name". We should solve this problem with a
              better solution. The problem is that at .xml file we don't have
              a property "name" we have it outside the Property section.
      2001-11-20  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * src/glade-property-class.*
              (glade_property_class_make_string_from_gvalue): Implemented the ENUM
              type. We have change the first arg to get a GladePropertyClass instead
              a GladePropertyType to do it.
              (glade_property_class_make_gvalue_from_string): ditto.
      2001-11-16  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * src/glade-project-view.c (glade_project_view_button_press_cb): Fixed
              the gtk_tree_view_get_path_at_pos API change.
              * src/glade-property-class.c: /s/g_param_get_nick/g_param_spec_get_nick/        /s/g_param_get_blurb/g_param_spec_get_blurb/ to fix an API change.
              * pixmaps/*.xpm: Added lot of pixmaps from glade1
              * src/glade-gtk.c, src/glade-placeholder.c: Started the GtkDialog
      2001-11-11  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * src/glade-property-class.* (glade_property_class_list_properties):
              Added this function, it returns a GList of properties from GParamSpec.
              * src/glade-property-class.* (glade_property_class_list_new_from_node):
              Renamed to glade_property_class_list_add_from_node. It gets a GList like        the glade_property_class_list_properties one and add the defaults &&
              new properties from .xml files.
              * src/glade-widget-clas.* (glade_widget_class_get_specs): Changed as a
              public function, we need it at glade-property-class.c
      2001-11-07  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * pixmaps/custom.xpm: Added the custom pixmap to put it as the default
              one if a widget has not a pixmap.
              * src/glade-widget-class.c (glade_widget_class_create_pixmap): If we
              don't find the pixmap for one widget, we use the default one.
              * widgets/*.xml: Added all the remain gtk widgets but the deprecated
              ones, we should start adding support for all those widgets.