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Updated NEWS

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2006-04-26 Tristan Van Berkom <>
* NEWS: Updated for snapshot release
2006-04-25 Tristan Van Berkom <>
* src/ added atk.xpm to $(libgladeuiinclude_HEADERS)
glade-3 2.91.1
New features and fixes
- Full atk property support.
- Added full documentation with gtk-doc, imported adding-widgets.txt to sgml files.
- GtkTable packing properties now work seemlessly (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Misc fixes on menu editor (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Filtered out cut/copy/paste accelerators from the editor window (fixing bug 324389)
- Implemented "Custom widgets" (glade-2 file support)
- GladeEPropFlags now shows treeview directly in editor (Mikael Hermansson)
- Added generic object list type to the glade builtin types (currenty used for
atk relation properties)
- Added packing property recording mechianism to Create/Delete commands
(was only there for Cut/Paste)
- Added file filters "All Files" and "Glade Files" to FileChooser Dialog (Vincent Geddes)
- Initialize FileChooser to use project->name as loaded filename (Vincent Geddes)
- Lots of irrelevent properties disabled (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Rewrite of project list menu in glade-project-window (Vincent Geddes)
- Indicate whether projects have unsaved changes (Vincent Geddes)
- Open leafs & scrolled-window position restored on the project view
when switching projects
- Added glade-3.pc for module packages to find out where to install
their modules/catalogs/pixmaps (Yevgen Muntyan)
- Implemented Adjustments glade-2 style for now (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Manage the sensitivities of all the ui actions in the project window (Vincent Geddes)
- Removed popt dependancy in favor of glib mechanism (Vincent Geddes)
- Detect read-only state of projects (Vincent Geddes)
- Implemented GtkDialog button children layout to match what glade-2 / libglade supports
- Changed GtkButton editing to support button "label" and "use-underline" properties.
- Many many misc bug fixes by Juan Pablo Ugarte, Yevgen Muntyan, Vincent Geddes,
Johannes Schmid and myself.
New and updated translations
- Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
- Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
- Clytie Siddall (vi)
- Jordi Mas (ca)
- Raphael Higino (pt_BR)
- Vincent van Adrighem (nl)
- Daniel Nylander (sv)
glade-3 2.91.0
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