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	* ChangeLog: added entry

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2007-04-26 Vincent Geddes <>
* gladeui/ install some missing header files. Fixes an
Anjuta compilation error.
* gladeui/glade-app.c: Update to use g_object_ref_sink ().
* gladeui/glade-palette-expander.c: Correctly handle internal widget.
2007-04-29 Vincent Geddes <>
* gladeui/glade-palette.c: Override GtkWidget::show_all to ensure
hidden selector button is not accidentally made visible.
* gladeui/atk.xpm, gladeui/, data/icons/atk.png,
data/icons/ Moved gladeui/atk.xpm to data/icons/atk.png
* gladeui/glade-editor.c: Update to use atk.png instead of atk.xpm.
2007-04-26 Vincent Geddes <>
* gladeui/glade-project.h, gladeui/glade-project.c:
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