Commit b79ff962 authored by Juan Pablo Ugarte's avatar Juan Pablo Ugarte

GladeWidgetAdaptor: use real type to register adaptors

This way classes that have a different runtime type like GtkOffscreenWindow can be registered.
parent 0b4800ba
......@@ -1895,7 +1895,7 @@ glade_widget_adaptor_register (GladeWidgetAdaptor *adaptor)
adaptor_hash = g_hash_table_new_full (g_direct_hash, g_direct_equal,
NULL, g_object_unref);
g_hash_table_insert (adaptor_hash, GSIZE_TO_POINTER (adaptor->priv->type), adaptor);
g_hash_table_insert (adaptor_hash, GSIZE_TO_POINTER (adaptor->priv->real_type), adaptor);
g_signal_emit_by_name (glade_app_get (), "widget-adaptor-registered", adaptor, NULL);
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