Commit 877a0442 authored by Juan Pablo Ugarte's avatar Juan Pablo Ugarte

fixed variable redeclaration in glade_widget_embed() bug #488977

* gladeui/glade-widget.c: fixed variable redeclaration in glade_widget_embed() bug #488977

svn path=/trunk/; revision=1635
parent 4f94cdc4
......@@ -4232,7 +4232,6 @@ static gboolean
glade_widget_embed (GladeWidget *widget)
GtkWindow *window;
GtkWidget *widget;
g_return_val_if_fail (GLADE_IS_WIDGET (widget), FALSE);
g_return_val_if_fail (GTK_IS_WINDOW (widget->object), FALSE);
......@@ -4241,10 +4240,9 @@ glade_widget_embed (GladeWidget *widget)
if (glade_window_is_embedded (window)) return TRUE;
widget = GTK_WIDGET (window);
if (GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED (widget)) gtk_widget_unrealize (widget);
gtk_widget_unrealize (GTK_WIDGET (window));
gtk_container_set_resize_mode (GTK_CONTAINER (window), GTK_RESIZE_PARENT);
......@@ -4254,7 +4252,7 @@ glade_widget_embed (GladeWidget *widget)
G_CALLBACK (embedded_window_size_allocate_handler), NULL);
/* mark window as embedded */
g_object_set_qdata (window, embedded_window_get_quark (),
g_object_set_qdata (G_OBJECT (window), embedded_window_get_quark (),
return TRUE;
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