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Rolling 3.15.1

parent fb47b778
Glade 3.15.1
- Much UI fixing and refactoring (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Added new --css and --screenshot options to glade-preview (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Fix main window shortcuts (bug 695866 Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Implemented Project Properties dialog with Glade as a composite tempalte (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Support editing the GtkWidget:name property (useful for CSS theming)
- Improved project inter-widget dependancy calculation and project serialization ordering,
object output ordering (and signal ordering) is now consistent and sorted.
- GtkButton: response-id for dialogs is now optional (allowing adding dialog buttons that
have no dialog response)
- GtkImage: Support the new "resource" property
- GTK+ catalog updated to cover widgets in GTK+ 3.8
- Now show warnings in the UI for deprecated properties and signals
- Now show warnings in the Inspector view if any deprecated widgets, signals
or properties are used (or if anything is used which is not available in
the project's target version).
- Optional properties are now always saved if they are enabled, allowing
to explicitly set them to the default value (eg. GtkWidget:hexpand/vexpand)
- Inspector search entry: Restore completions to work nicely again and filter
the treeview with a search-in-text algorithm.
- Inspector: Add a feature to expand-all
- Property editor title-bar is now optional in the View menu
- Fixed many deprecation warnings in Glade's compile
- Added Glade's first 2 ever unit tests
- Fixed Devhelp doc search for properties (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Make Drag'n'Drop work on regular clicks without entering Drag Mode
and restored old Drag/Resize functionality when SHIFT is pressed (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Improved Drag/Resize which has been rather broken for a while
- Added Autosave and Automatic backup of previous file features, configurable
in Glade's preferences Dialog
- Support Composite GtkBuilder template editing (mark a toplevel GtkWidget as
the "composite template" widget in the Project Properties dialog or
property editor).
- Support editing of the project domain in the project properties dialog (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
- Properties in the Project Properties dialog are now undoable
- GladeSignalEditor: Automatically expand rows which have signal callbacks assigned when
loading a widget
- Add options to decide what types of warnings should be presented at project save time,
configurable in Glade's preferences dialog.
- Added new property editor components GladePropertyLabel, GladePropertyShell and
GladeEditorSkeleton, allowing us to create custom property editors using Glade.
- Add "Grid" option to "Add parent" menu (Dmitrijs Ledkovs)
- Added Gladeui catalog for IDE's and embedders to design Glade frontends with Glade
- Added private catalog to allow the GTK+ plugin to embed editors that it provides
- Added new GladeEpropCheck boolean property editor, to be used in some cases for
boolean properties.
- Added new adaptor methods GladeWidgetAdaptor->write_widget_after() and
- Automatically generate gladeui's enum types with glib-mkenums
- Modified properties now show up in italic letering instead of bold, bold
lettering is reserved for title labels in custom property editors.
- New components that now use GtkBuilder Composite Templates (and have had
a basic review and rework of their UIs): GladePreferences (Glade's preferences
dialog), GladeEditor (the property editor), GladeProjectProperties (the project
properties dialog) and custom property editors: GladeActivatableEditor,
GladeButtonEditor, GladeEntryEditor, GladeImageEditor, GladeLabelEditor, GladeWidgetEditor
- And... many various bugfixes and UI fixes by Juan Pablo and myself.
Glade 3.15.0
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ AC_PREREQ(2.52)
m4_define(glade_major_version, 3)
m4_define(glade_minor_version, 15)
m4_define(glade_micro_version, 0)
m4_define(glade_micro_version, 1)
m4_define(glade_version, glade_major_version.glade_minor_version.glade_micro_version)
AC_INIT([glade], [glade_version],
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