Commit 1149c7ce authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles Committed by Juan Pablo Ugarte

ui/widget: Make template ver# warning more useful

Composite widget templates are only supported by GTK+ 3.10 and up, but
if a user targeted a lower version, we only told them that said version
did not support templates, but provided no help on how to resolve that.

A user in #gtk+ mistook that vague warning as meaning widget templates
had been deprecated in their (then) target version, GTK+ 3.0. Whoops!

It makes more sense to tell users what version they need, which is new
info, instead of what they are currently targeting, which they know.
parent 54869190
......@@ -4800,8 +4800,7 @@ glade_widget_verify (GladeWidget *widget)
glade_project_get_target_version (priv->project, "gtk+", &major, &minor);
if (major == 3 && minor < 10)
warning = g_strdup_printf (_("Template classes are not supported in gtk+ %d.%d"),
major, minor);
warning = g_strdup (_("Template classes are only usable in GTK+ 3.10 and later."));
if (!warning && GLADE_IS_OBJECT_STUB (priv->object))
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