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gtk: Add emoji properties to GtkEntry

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......@@ -1559,6 +1559,8 @@
<property id="truncate-multiline" custom-layout="True" since="2.10"/>
<property id="shadow-type" custom-layout="True" since="2.12"/>
<property id="editing-canceled" disabled="True" since="2.20"/>
<property id="show-emoji-icon" custom-layout="True" since="3.22"/>
<property id="enable-emoji-completion" custom-layout="True" since="3.24"/>
<property id="primary-icon-gicon" disabled="True"/>
<property id="secondary-icon-gicon" disabled="True"/>
<property id="primary-icon-stock" name="Primary Stock Icon" since="2.16" custom-layout="True"
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