Commit 094a1ee9 authored by Juan Pablo Ugarte's avatar Juan Pablo Ugarte
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Backport fix for glade_gtk_cell_renderer_sync_attributes()

Close issue #113 "Crash at glade_gtk_cell_renderer_sync_attributes()"
parent e2c63f98
......@@ -10638,6 +10638,7 @@ glade_gtk_cell_renderer_sync_attributes (GObject *object)
GtkCellLayout *layout;
GtkCellRenderer *cell;
GladeWidget *widget = glade_widget_get_from_gobject (object);
GladeWidget *parent;
GladeWidget *gmodel;
GladeProperty *property;
gchar *attr_prop_name;
......@@ -10650,13 +10651,15 @@ glade_gtk_cell_renderer_sync_attributes (GObject *object)
/* Apply attributes to renderer when bound to a model in runtime */
widget = glade_widget_get_from_gobject (object);
if (widget->parent == NULL) return FALSE;
parent = glade_widget_get_parent (widget);
if (parent == NULL)
return FALSE;
/* When creating widgets, sometimes the parent is set before parenting happens,
* here we have to be careful for that..
layout = GTK_CELL_LAYOUT (widget->parent->object);
layout = GTK_CELL_LAYOUT (parent->object);
cell = GTK_CELL_RENDERER (object);
if (!glade_gtk_cell_layout_has_renderer (layout, cell))
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