Commit 441dcc11 authored by Jim Evins's avatar Jim Evins

Fixed cut&paste error in page size of Dymo 11356.

parent 255cdfbd
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<!-- Dymo 11356 Small Name Badge labels. -->
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<Template brand="Dymo" part="11356" size="Other" width="19mm" height="51mm" _description="Small Name Badge Labels">
<Template brand="Dymo" part="11356" size="Other" width="41mm" height="89mm" _description="Small Name Badge Labels">
<Meta category="label"/>
<Meta category="name-badge"/>
<Label-rectangle id="0" width="41mm" height="89mm" round="0pt" x_waste="0pt" y_waste="0pt">
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