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    doc: reformat for better scraping with DevDocs · f81bccef
    Andy Holmes authored
    Reformat the markdown files in the `docs` directory to make scraping
    with DevDocs easier and more consistent. This establishes some
    conventions for documentation intended for scraping, namely that:
    * the page has `#`/`<h1>` title
    * headings are `##`/`<h2>`
    * symbols (e.g. functions) are `###`/`<h3>`, formatted similar to
      `gir_scraper` in DevDocs (e.g. `*`/`<ul>` for args list).
    Along with general documentation updates, the changes here include:
    * All modules have their own page, except for overrides and the
      `` page has been stubbed out
    * `` has been stubbed out and merged into ``
    * Some new pages have been added for testing, profiling, ESM
    * Built-ins that are deprecated now have links to alternatives