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release: More release notes

Copy the bullet points from the master NEWS so they are easier to cross
reference, and include a blurb about the Big Hammer.
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Version 1.52.5
- This release includes the "Big Hammer" patch from GNOME 3.30 to reduce memory
usage. For more information, read the blog post at
It was not originally intended to be backported to GNOME 3.28, but in practice
several Linux distributions already backported it, and it has been working
well to reduce memory usage, and the bugs have been ironed out of it.
It does decrease performance somewhat, so if you don't want that then don't
install this update.
- Closed bugs and merge requests:
* context: Ensure force_gc flag is not lost if the idle is scheduled
[#150, Carlos Garnacho]
* object: don't use toggle references unless necessary [#679688,
Giovanni Campagna]
* object: properly disassociate wrappers [!256, Georges Basile
Stavracas Neto]
* object: Only weak unref if GObject is still alive [!127]
* object: Queue a forced GC when toggling down [#140, Georges Basile
Stavracas Neto]
* context: Defer and therefore batch forced GC runs
[GNOME/gnome-shell#582, Daniel van Vugt]
* Avoid context weak refs [!122, #144, Carlos Garnacho]
* Ensure not to miss the force_gc flag [#150, !132, Carlos Garnacho]
* Make GC much more aggressive [#62, !50, Giovanni Campagna, Georges Basile
Stavracas Neto, Philip Chimento]
* Queue GC when a GObject reference is toggled down [#140, !114, !127, Georges
Basile Stavracas Neto]
* Reduce memory overhead of g_object_weak_ref() [#144, !122, Carlos Garnacho,
Philip Chimento]
* context: Defer and therefore batch forced GC runs [performance] [!236,
Daniel van Vugt]
* context: use timeout with seconds to schedule a gc trigger [!239, Marco
* Use compacting GC on RSS size growth [!133, #151, Carlos Garnacho]
* GType memleak fixes [!244, Marco Trevisan]
Version 1.52.4
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