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Commit c068ba6d authored by rockon999's avatar rockon999

Add testing for ARGV encoding changes.

parent 89f1ab0f
......@@ -99,6 +99,12 @@ else
skip "System.exit() should still exit across an FFI boundary" "running under valgrind"
# ensure the encoding of argv is being properly handled
$gjs -c 'log(ARGV[0])' "Valentín"
report "Valentín should be outputed. Valentín is incorrect and if shown encoding is broken for argv"
$gjs -c 'log(ARGV[0])' "☭"
report "☭ should be outputed. If you see a unicode code point, encoding is broken for argv (and possibly imports)"
# gjs --help prints GJS help
$gjs --help >/dev/null
report "--help should succeed"
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