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object toggle notify: do more work without deferring to an idle

The only case we really need an idle is when called from a secondary
thread (and even there it's arguable the idle is fixing anything).
Inside the main thread we're in full control of what the GC is
doing, and we know when it's safe and when it's not to touch the
JSAPI. Deferring to an idle while the GC is already in the sweeping
phase is late, by the time the idle runs the JS object is already
dead and we're accessing freed memory.
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...@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@ static JSObject* peek_js_obj (GObject *gobj); ...@@ -99,6 +99,8 @@ static JSObject* peek_js_obj (GObject *gobj);
static void set_js_obj (GObject *gobj, static void set_js_obj (GObject *gobj,
JSObject *obj); JSObject *obj);
static void disassociate_js_gobject (GObject *gobj);
static void invalidate_all_signals (ObjectInstance *priv);
typedef enum { typedef enum {
...@@ -993,9 +995,10 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data, ...@@ -993,9 +995,10 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data,
GObject *gobj, GObject *gobj,
gboolean is_last_ref) gboolean is_last_ref)
{ {
gboolean gc_blocked = FALSE; gboolean is_main_thread, is_sweeping;
gboolean toggle_up_queued, toggle_down_queued; gboolean toggle_up_queued, toggle_down_queued;
GjsContext *context; GjsContext *context;
JSContext *js_context;
context = gjs_context_get_current(); context = gjs_context_get_current();
if (_gjs_context_destroying(context)) { if (_gjs_context_destroying(context)) {
...@@ -1007,15 +1010,43 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data, ...@@ -1007,15 +1010,43 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data,
/* We only want to touch javascript from one thread. /* We only want to touch javascript from one thread.
* If we're not in that thread, then we need to defer processing * If we're not in that thread, then we need to defer processing
* to it. We also don't want to touch javascript if a GC is going * to it.
* on in the same thread as us. * In case we're toggling up (and thus rooting the JS object) we
* also need to take care if GC is running. The marking side
* of it is taken care by JS::Heap, which we use in KeepAlive,
* so we're safe. As for sweeping, it is too late: the JS object
* is dead, and attempting to keep it alive would soon crash
* the process. Plus, if we touch the JSAPI, libmozjs aborts in
* the first BeginRequest.
* Thus, in the toggleup+sweeping case we deassociate the object
* and the wrapper and let the wrapper die. Then, if the object
* appears again, we log a critical.
* In practice, a toggle up during JS finalize can only happen
* for temporary refs/unrefs of objects that are garbage anyway,
* because JS code is never invoked while the finalizers run
* and C code needs to clean after itself before it returns
* from dispose()/finalize().
* On the other hand, toggling down is a lot simpler, because
* we're creating more garbage. So we just add the object to
* the keep alive and wait for the next GC cycle.
* *
* Defer to idle in those cases, and in the case where an idle * Note that one would think that toggling up only happens
* is already queued (to maintain ordering constraints) but handle * in the main thread (because toggling up is the result of
* the toggle notify directly when we can (for efficiency reasons) * the JS object, previously visible only to JS code, becoming
* visible to the refcounted C world), but because of weird
* weak singletons like g_bus_get_sync() objects can see toggle-ups
* from different threads too.
* We could lock the keep alive structure and avoid the idle maybe,
* but there aren't many peculiar objects like that and it's
* not a big deal.
*/ */
if (gjs_eval_thread == g_thread_self()) is_main_thread = (gjs_eval_thread == g_thread_self());
gc_blocked = gjs_try_block_gc(); if (is_main_thread) {
js_context = (JSContext*) gjs_context_get_native_context(context);
is_sweeping = gjs_runtime_is_sweeping(JS_GetRuntime(js_context));
} else {
is_sweeping = FALSE;
toggle_up_queued = toggle_idle_source_is_queued(gobj, TOGGLE_UP); toggle_up_queued = toggle_idle_source_is_queued(gobj, TOGGLE_UP);
toggle_down_queued = toggle_idle_source_is_queued(gobj, TOGGLE_DOWN); toggle_down_queued = toggle_idle_source_is_queued(gobj, TOGGLE_DOWN);
...@@ -1025,7 +1056,7 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data, ...@@ -1025,7 +1056,7 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data,
* The JSObject is rooted and we need to unroot it so it * The JSObject is rooted and we need to unroot it so it
* can be garbage collected * can be garbage collected
*/ */
if (gc_blocked) { if (is_main_thread) {
if (G_UNLIKELY (toggle_up_queued || toggle_down_queued)) { if (G_UNLIKELY (toggle_up_queued || toggle_down_queued)) {
g_error("toggling down object %s that's already queued to toggle %s\n", g_error("toggling down object %s that's already queued to toggle %s\n",
...@@ -1043,20 +1074,28 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data, ...@@ -1043,20 +1074,28 @@ wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify(gpointer data,
* The JSObject associated with the gobject is not rooted, * The JSObject associated with the gobject is not rooted,
* but it needs to be. We'll root it. * but it needs to be. We'll root it.
*/ */
if (gc_blocked && !toggle_down_queued) { if (is_main_thread && !toggle_down_queued) {
if (G_UNLIKELY (toggle_up_queued)) { if (G_UNLIKELY (toggle_up_queued)) {
g_error("toggling up object %s that's already queued to toggle up\n", g_error("toggling up object %s that's already queued to toggle up\n",
} }
if (is_sweeping) {
handle_toggle_up(gobj); JSObject *object;
object = peek_js_obj(gobj);
if (JS_IsAboutToBeFinalized(&object)) {
/* Ouch, the JS object is dead already. Disassociate the GObject
* and hope the GObject dies too.
} else {
} else { } else {
queue_toggle_idle(gobj, TOGGLE_UP); queue_toggle_idle(gobj, TOGGLE_UP);
} }
} }
if (gc_blocked)
} }
static void static void
...@@ -1170,6 +1209,31 @@ associate_js_gobject (JSContext *context, ...@@ -1170,6 +1209,31 @@ associate_js_gobject (JSContext *context,
g_object_add_toggle_ref(gobj, wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify, NULL); g_object_add_toggle_ref(gobj, wrapped_gobj_toggle_notify, NULL);
} }
static void
disassociate_js_gobject (GObject *gobj)
JSObject *object;
ObjectInstance *priv;
object = peek_js_obj(gobj);
priv = (ObjectInstance*) JS_GetPrivate(object);
/* Idles are already checked in the only caller of this
function, the toggle ref notify, but let's check again...
g_assert(!cancel_toggle_idle(gobj, TOGGLE_UP));
g_assert(!cancel_toggle_idle(gobj, TOGGLE_DOWN));
/* Use -1 to mark that a JS object once existed, but it doesn't any more */
set_js_obj(gobj, (JSObject*)(-1));
g_object_weak_unref(gobj, wrapped_gobj_dispose_notify, object);
static JSBool static JSBool
object_instance_init (JSContext *context, object_instance_init (JSContext *context,
JSObject **object, JSObject **object,
...@@ -1942,7 +2006,16 @@ gjs_define_object_class(JSContext *context, ...@@ -1942,7 +2006,16 @@ gjs_define_object_class(JSContext *context,
static JSObject* static JSObject*
peek_js_obj(GObject *gobj) peek_js_obj(GObject *gobj)
{ {
return (JSObject*) g_object_get_qdata(gobj, gjs_object_priv_quark()); JSObject *object = (JSObject*) g_object_get_qdata(gobj, gjs_object_priv_quark());
if (G_UNLIKELY (object == (JSObject*)(-1))) {
g_critical ("Object %p (a %s) resurfaced after the JS wrapper was finalized. "
"This is some library doing dubious memory management inside dispose()",
gobj, g_type_name(G_TYPE_FROM_INSTANCE(object)));
return NULL; /* return null to associate again with a new wrapper */
return object;
} }
static void static void
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