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Commit 89f1ab0f authored by rockon999's avatar rockon999

Fix UTF8 encoding for some GJS string arrays.

- The function that constructs string arrays for imports and argv utilized a JS_NewStringCopyZ call instead of the proper JS_NewStringCopyUTF8Z (the input is UTF8).
parent 4a28c6b2
......@@ -313,8 +313,9 @@ gjs_build_string_array(JSContext *context,
g_error("Unable to reserve memory for vector");
for (i = 0; i < array_length; ++i) {
JS::ConstUTF8CharsZ chars(array_values[i], strlen(array_values[i]));
JS::RootedValue element(context,
JS::StringValue(JS_NewStringCopyZ(context, array_values[i])));
JS::StringValue(JS_NewStringCopyUTF8Z(context, chars)));
if (!elems.append(element))
g_error("Unable to append to vector");
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