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Commit 7e50b0fe authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento 🚮

object: Ensure weak ref callback is removed on finalize

A use-after-free bug was caused by an object's weak ref callback being
called after the ObjectInstance* was freed.

Closes #129.
parent 575f1e2e
......@@ -1523,7 +1523,9 @@ object_instance_finalize(JSFreeOp *fop,
priv->info ? g_base_info_get_namespace((GIBaseInfo*) priv->info) : "",
priv->info ? g_base_info_get_name((GIBaseInfo*) priv->info) : g_type_name(priv->gtype));
if (!priv->g_object_finalized)
g_object_weak_unref(priv->gobj, wrapped_gobj_dispose_notify, priv);
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