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object: properly disassociate wrappers

Now that we allow different JS wrappers during the lifetime of
a single GObject, the code must be extra careful to really
disassociate wrapper and wrapped objects.

The current code, however, was not really disassociating the
wrapper from the GObject it wraps, causing a segfault when
the first wrapper is destroyed and the second is created.
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......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ get_object_qdata(GObject *gobj)
auto priv = static_cast<ObjectInstance *>(g_object_get_qdata(gobj,
if (priv && G_UNLIKELY(priv->js_object_finalized)) {
if (priv && priv->uses_toggle_ref && G_UNLIKELY(priv->js_object_finalized)) {
g_critical("Object %p (a %s) resurfaced after the JS wrapper was finalized. "
"This is some library doing dubious memory management inside dispose()",
gobj, g_type_name(G_TYPE_FROM_INSTANCE(gobj)));
......@@ -1357,11 +1357,16 @@ disassociate_js_gobject(GObject *gobj)
gobj, G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME(gobj));
/* Fist, remove the wrapper pointer from the wrapped GObject */
set_object_qdata(gobj, nullptr);
/* Now release all the resources the current wrapper has */
/* Mark that a JS object once existed, but it doesn't any more */
priv->js_object_finalized = true;
priv->keep_alive = nullptr;
static void
......@@ -1587,6 +1592,9 @@ object_instance_finalize(JSFreeOp *fop,
g_slice_free(ObjectInstance, priv);
/* Remove the ObjectInstance pointer from the JSObject */
JS_SetPrivate(obj, nullptr);
static JSObject *
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