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release: Prepare for 1.53.1

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Version 1.53.1
- Improvements to garbage collection performance. Read for more information:
- Now, when building a class from a UI template file (using the `Template`
parameter passed to `GObject.registerClass()`, for example) signals defined in
the UI template file will be automatically connected.
- As an experimental feature, we now offer a flatpak built with each GJS commit,
including branches. You can use this to test your apps with a particular GJS
branch before it is merged. Look for it in the "Artifacts" section of the CI
- Closed bugs and merge requests:
* Tweener: Add min/max properties [!67, Jason Hicks]
* `ARGV` encoding issues [#22, !108, Evan Welsh]
* Make GC much more aggressive [#62, !50, Giovanni Campagna, Georges Basile
Stavracas Neto, Philip Chimento]
* Queue GC when a GObject reference is toggled down [#140, !114, !127, Georges
Basile Stavracas Neto]
* overrides: support Gtk template callbacks [!124, Andy Holmes]
* Ensure not to miss the force_gc flag [#150, !132, Carlos Garnacho]
* Create a flatpak on CI [#153, !135, Claudio André]
* Readme update [!138, Claudio André]
Version 1.52.3
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