Commit 1f6e68cc authored by Andy Holmes's avatar Andy Holmes

omit 'self-hosting-global' unless explicitly targetted

parent 9ff5b21c
......@@ -92,7 +92,11 @@ filt_opts.add_argument('--hide-addr', '-ha', dest='hide_addrs', action='append',
help='Don\'t show roots with the heap address ADDR')
filt_opts.add_argument('--hide-node', '-hn', dest='hide_nodes', action='append',
metavar='LABEL', default=['GIRepositoryNamespace', 'GjsFileImporter', 'GjsGlobal', 'GjsModule'],
metavar='LABEL', default=['self-hosting-global',
help='Don\'t show nodes with labels containing LABEL')
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