Commit bcac876e authored by Iñigo Martínez's avatar Iñigo Martínez Committed by Alberto Fanjul

meson: Remove gitg shared library generation

A shared library is generated for sources in the `gitg` directory.
However, this shared library is neither used nor installed.

Due to this, the generation of this shared library has been removed.
parent 5a32e349
...@@ -131,27 +131,3 @@ executable( ...@@ -131,27 +131,3 @@ executable(
vala_args: vala_flags, vala_args: vala_flags,
install: true, install: true,
) )
# FIXME: to be tested on win32
if platform_name == 'win32'
win = import('windows')
sources += win.compile_resources(
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args: ['-O', 'coff'],
ldflags += cc.get_supported_link_arguments('-mwindows')
gitg = shared_library(
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name_prefix: '',
sources: sources,
include_directories: top_inc,
dependencies: deps,
c_args: cflags,
vala_args: vala_flags,
link_args: ldflags,
link_depends: symbol_map,
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