Commit 960c9bed authored by Alberto Fanjul's avatar Alberto Fanjul

limit scope for application options

parent 7be88eab
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......@@ -27,13 +27,13 @@ public class Application : Gtk.Application
private Settings d_state_settings;
public static bool app_quit = false;
public static string activity;
public static bool no_wd = false;
public static bool standalone = false;
public static ApplicationCommandLine app_command_line;
private static bool app_quit = false;
private static string activity;
private static bool no_wd = false;
private static bool standalone = false;
private static ApplicationCommandLine app_command_line;
public const OptionEntry[] entries = {
private const OptionEntry[] entries = {
{"version", 'v', OptionFlags.NO_ARG, OptionArg.CALLBACK,
(void *)show_version_and_quit, N_("Show the application’s version"), null},
{"activity", '\0', 0, OptionArg.STRING,
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