Commit 45fe889a authored by Alberto Fanjul's avatar Alberto Fanjul

Add gsetting key to use patience algorithm

parent 92e8b11b
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......@@ -208,6 +208,13 @@
<schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.gnome.gitg.preferences.diff" path="/org/gnome/gitg/preferences/diff/">
<key name="patience" type="b">
<_summary>Use patience algorithm to show diffs</_summary>
Setting to use patience algorithm to show diffs of a commit.
<key name="ignore-whitespace" type="b">
<_summary>Ignore Whitespace Changes</_summary>
......@@ -102,6 +102,11 @@ class CommitActionCreatePatch : GitgExt.UIElement, GitgExt.Action, GitgExt.Commi
opts.flags |= Ggit.DiffOption.IGNORE_WHITESPACE;
if (settings.get_boolean("patience"))
opts.flags |= Ggit.DiffOption.PATIENCE;
var nc = settings.get_int("context-lines");
opts.n_context_lines = nc;
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