Commit 33209926 authored by Iñigo Martínez's avatar Iñigo Martínez Committed by Alberto Fanjul

meson: Fix GTK shortcuts window vala flag

When GTK version 3.19 or higher is used, a custom define is used for
GTK shortcuts window support. This is not working due to a bad
version comparison and the vala flag is not appended.

This has been fixed and is working properly now.
parent bcac876e
......@@ -116,10 +116,10 @@ sources += gnome.compile_resources(
export: true,
vala_flags = '--gresourcesdir=' + join_paths(meson.current_source_dir(), 'resources')
vala_flags = ['--gresourcesdir=' + join_paths(meson.current_source_dir(), 'resources')]
if gtk_shortcuts_window
vala_args += '--define GTK_SHORTCUTS_WINDOW'
vala_flags += '--define=GTK_SHORTCUTS_WINDOW'
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ assert(
# gtk required version is set to 3.20, so this will be always true
gtk_shortcuts_window = gtk_dep.version().version_compare('3.19')
gtk_shortcuts_window = gtk_dep.version().version_compare('>= 3.19')
m_dep = cc.find_library('m', required: false)
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