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    corrected a typo · 737aa1a0
    Michael Natterer authored
    1999-03-25  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
    	* unitrc: corrected a typo
    	* app/commands.c
    	* app/global_edit.c
    	* app/gradient.c
    	* app/interface.[ch]
    	* app/palette.c
    	* app/paths_dialog.c: the query_[string|..]_boxes connect their
    	close callback to a user provided signal now.
    	* libgimp/gimpimage.c: gimp_image_get_unit() doesn't need a
    	* libgimp/gimpunitmenu.c: memory leak & compiler warning
    	* configure.in
    	* gimprc.in
    	* user_install
    	* user_install.bat
    	* plug-ins/Makefile.am
    	* plug-ins/FractalExplorer/*: added the FractalExplorer plugin.
    	* app/install.c: ditto and made the install help text more
    	editable by moving it to an array.
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