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    build, gitlab-ci: add a script to cross-build GIMP with Gitlab CI. · e17efb7a
    Jehan authored
    It looks like Arch does not have mingw64 cross-compilers in core package
    repository. It does have some package in the user repository (AUR), but
    I assume that such a repository cannot be deemed as safe.
    Anyway I still tried, but apparently these AUR packages have to be built
    and when I tried, I got this error:
    >  ERROR: Running makepkg as root is not allowed as it can cause
    > permanent, catastrophic damage to your system.
    Anyway it's all a big mess. Then I tried to move the cross-CI to Debian
    testing, which is anyway our base compatibility system. Unfortunately I
    encountered like what looked like some glibc++ macro problem on some
    packages (most likely because the pre-built packages I use are Fedora
    ones which likely uses a cross-compiler differently built from the
    Debian one).
    So in the end, for simplicity, I use a Fedora image, then I am sure to
    get a good match between the system cross-compiler and the pre-built
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