1. 21 Apr, 2021 10 commits
  2. 20 Apr, 2021 25 commits
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      Update Makefile.am · 6e27c46b
      AmanMatta authored
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      NEWS: update. · 90b3c4e5
      Jehan authored
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      devel-docs: update the removed_functions table. · 88e6a8ec
      Jehan authored
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      app, pdb: plug-in-autocrop-layer() multi-layer aware. · 3f9184f5
      Jehan authored
      This PDB procedure will now crop all selected layers relatively to the
      input drawable.
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      plug-ins: fix spyro-plus. · 2a1555b0
      Jehan authored
      - Now using multi-drawable run() signature, but sensitive only with a
        single drawable.
      - width|height() calls are now get_width|height().
      - PDB call to 'plug-in-sel2path' now expects a drawable array as well.
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      libgimp: fix alphabetical order. · 66b09fe5
      Jehan authored
      > Problem found in ../libgimp/gimpui.def
      >  the .def-file is not properly sorted (line 50)
      > *** .def files inconsistent ***
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      Update Basque translation · 67f63b09
      Asier Sarasua Garmendia authored
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      Update Basque translation · 51614e92
      Asier Sarasua Garmendia authored
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      Issue 6210: Subpixel font rendering system settings should only apply… · 5f61d845
      Jehan authored
      … to GIMP not text layer rendering in image
      Patch was merged n Cairo today, wouhou!
      If not mistaken, the fix should then appear in Cairo 1.17.6 or 1.18.0
      (whatever comes next). As we are obviously not going to bump the Cairo
      dependency so early, let's just add the patch, at the very least to be
      used for our official builds. Also this way, we won't forget about this
      issue in the future when we need to bump Cairo.
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      libgimp, libgimpwidgets: fix def files. · 22586485
      Jehan authored
      Argh, I always forget. Sorry all Windows devs!
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      Fix #5915, Python Console Apply button fail. · e960f1a2
      bootchk authored
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      plug-ins: fix a bunch of Scheme scripts after API functions renaming. · fb84b9eb
      Jehan authored
      Since we renamed a bunch of functions for consistency (the like of
      gimp_image_width() to gimp_image_get_width() and others), most Scheme
      scripts ended up broken. This is a simple bash fix with `sed` to at
      least take care of these simple renaming cases.
      Many scripts are still broken for other reasons after our API evolution
      (to be continued).
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      app: print to standard error output when procedure uses deprecated… · 0b750eca
      Jehan authored
      … single drawable run() function.
      All Scheme scripts use a single drawable and I am not so sure where to
      change this (or rather I hope someone will handle this rather than I).
      So let's not output a warning which would result into a stacktrace,
      blocking the GUI for a second or 2 and displaying an annoying popup each
      time. Let's just output to stderr for now until we get into a better
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      plug-ins: remove now useless/ugly workaround. · 077f2d4e
      Jehan authored
      See previous commit.
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      libgimp: sink the floating references after adding them to hash table. · e1a489a4
      Jehan authored
      Though the previous implementation worked fine on C plug-ins, I realized
      it was problematic on bindings. In particular, the Python binding at
      least was somehow freeing returned floating objects, unless assigned to
      a variable.
      For instance, the widget returned by the following code:
      > dialog.get_color_widget('color', True, GimpUi.ColorAreaType.FLAT)
      … was freed by the PyGObject binding when it was floating, even though
      (transfer none) was set (hence telling the binding it should not free
      the returned object). The workaround was to assign it to some variable,
      even though I was not planning to use it.
      Making sure all references are full fixes it.
      GObject docs also notes:
      > **Note**: Floating references are a C convenience API and should not
      > be used in modern GObject code. Language bindings in particular find
      > the concept highly problematic, as floating references are not
      > identifiable through annotations, and neither are deviations from the
      > floating reference behavior, like types that inherit from
      > GInitiallyUnowned and still return a full reference from
      > g_object_new().
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      plug-ins: update foggify to latest API and add a GUI. · f15d1615
      Jehan authored
      The following changes were made:
      - run() signature now moved to multi-drawables.
      - sensitivity mask now enables the plug-in when one or several drawables
        are selected. When several, a fog layer will be created over each
        selected layer.
      - Mnemonics added to properties.
      - Color property finally used now that our API has support for boxed
        parameters with GimpRGB value type.
      - Use a config object instead of ordered GimpValueArray and use the
        begin|en_run() API to store values between runs.
      - Add a graphical interface generated with the new GimpProcedureDialog
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      libgimp, libgimpwidgets: support of GimpRGB properties in… · ca72c41f
      Jehan authored
      … GimpProcedureDialog.
      Technically I added:
      - New gimp_prop_color_select_new() property widget to create a
        GimpColorButton for a given GimpRGB property.
      - gimp_procedure_dialog_get_widget() now supports a GimpRGB property and
        will create a GimpColorArea by default.
      - When the default doesn't suit you, a new function
        gimp_procedure_dialog_get_color_widget() allows to create either a
        GimpColorArea or a GimpColorButton (editable = TRUE), as well as
        choose the area type (small or large checks, as well as flat area,
        i.e. no alpha support).
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      libgimp, libgimpconfig: recognize RGB boxed args containing GimpRGB. · 5d210667
      Jehan authored
      Still the same problem as ever with the Python binding where we have a
      hard time creating GParamSpec, hence we make them from object
      See: pygobject#227 (comment 570031)
      But then again, the Python binding way to create GObject properties does
      not seem to give us a way to use our custom param types (or I didn't
      find how). So when I create a property with Gimp.RGB type in Python, it
      doesn't appear as a GIMP_PARAM_SPEC_RGB to our C code, but as a
      G_PARAM_SPEC_BOXED. So my trick is to check the value type instead.
      Note that I check the default value, but in reality it doesn't seem to
      work much either. Better than no support at all anyway.
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      libgimp: argument array for GimpImageProcedure was incremented… · 72d4b91c
      Jehan authored
      … with the updated API with one more argument (n_drawables + drawables
      instead of single drawable).
      This went unnoticed as most plug-ins use a config with named properties
      instead of ordered GimpValueArray now.
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      Update Spanish translation · e3f2a54b
      Rodrigo Lledó Milanca authored
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      Update Spanish translation · 0c39289a
      Rodrigo Lledó Milanca authored
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      Updated Italian translation · c3b396c7
      Marco Ciampa authored
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      Update Ukrainian translation · 30945174
      Yuri Chornoivan authored
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