1. 16 Sep, 2018 8 commits
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      tools: add performance-log-viewer.py and driver · 3601c918
      Ell authored
      performance-log-viewer.py is a viewer for GIMP performance logs.
      The viewer is made up of two parts: a sample-selection area at the
      top, and an information area at the bottom.
      The sample-selection area visualizes the sampled variables and
      markers using a simultaneous set of plots, and displays the
      currently selected samples.  Samples can be selected directly
      through the sample-selection area, or by other means, such as
      searching for all samples satisfying a certain condition, or
      containing a certain function.
      The information area shows global information stored in the log, as
      well as information specific to the currently selected samples,
      including variable listing and statistics, full backtrace, and
      profile/call-graph information.
      Note that performance-log-viewer.py takes its input from STDIN,
      like the rest of the performance-log tools, and is therefore
      suitable for use as part of a pipeline.  For standalone use, the
      performance-log-viewer driver is also included, which takes the log
      file as a command-line argument, and processes it through an
      appropriate pipeline before feeding it to the viewer.
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      tools: add performance-log-deduce.py · 7e186f3e
      Ell authored
      ... which statistically deduces the correct thread states based on
      backtrace address frequency, fixing local inaccuracies.
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      Update Polish translation · 87999d17
      Piotr Drąg authored
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      Issue #2209: more accurate magic for HEIF files. · 4ad3993e
      Jehan authored
      Just looking for "ftyp" would also match other ISOBMFF files (.mov or
      .mp4 files for instance). These are the possible 4-byte "brand" code
      which can follow "ftyp", as listed by Dirk Farin from libheif.
      I add the "mif1" brand, as I encountered some files using this magic
      (even though this should normally not be valid apparently, yet the file
      loaded fine in GIMP).
      This is not perfect as the standard allows potentially very big box
      headers, in which case 8 bytes (the "largesize" slot) may be inserted
      between "ftyp" and the brand, as I understand it. But this is actually
      unlikely enough to probably never happen (the compatible brands list
      would have to be huuuge, as it looks like this is the only extendable
      part in a ftyp box). So let's assume this just never happens.
      See also: https://github.com/strukturag/libheif/issues/83
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      app: add more information to performance logs · 2c6b5c37
      Ell authored
      In addition to the verbose GIMP version, include in performance
      logs the values of all environment variables beginning with BABL_,
      GEGL_, or GIMP_, and of all the GEGL config options.
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      Updated Greek translation · 6038f405
      Dimitris Spingos authored
  2. 15 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      devel-docs: add the package maintainers in the release-howto. · dc9a3044
      Jehan authored
      Nicknames on IRC/gitlab are hard, even more when they change depending
      on the media! I realize we are regularly asking them or unsure of who to
      contact (for instance here for releases). Let's associate each package
      with its current maintainer to make it easy to contact the right person
      to prepare our official packages before a release.
  3. 14 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      build: update the flatpak cron file. · ff56a3af
      Jehan authored
      The artifacts should be moved after each export (otherwise we mix
      artefacts from various builds). Also fix the last date call.
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      Issue #2209: HEIF: Invalid input: No 'ftyp' box. · d738d2f6
      Jehan authored
      Adding a magic number for HEIC/HEIF, which would allow to discard
      obvious non-HEIC images even with the wrong extension.
      Note: it looks like this magic number would also match more generically
      other ISO base media file format (ISOBMFF) formats, like .mov or .mp4
      files. I am enquiring for better magic but for now, this is better than
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