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      Issue #1954 - GIMP-2.99 color changes when converting between... · 8226265b
      Michael Natterer authored
      ...linear and perceptual precision
      Under certain circumstances (e.g. the image has no color profile),
      GimpLayer's implementation of GimpDrawable::convert_type() didn't have
      enough information to do the right color space conversion.
      Intead of messing with stuff like "set profile in between doing a and b",
      simply add a "src_profile" parameter to GimpDrawable::convert_type() so
      the complete color space conversion information is available without
      relying on obscure states that could change in the future.
      Make sure all callers pass the right src_profile, particularly in
      gimp_image_convert_precision(), which also needed fixing.
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      Initial space invasion commit in GIMP · e09e563a
      Michael Natterer authored
      All babl formats now have a space equivalent to a color profile,
      determining the format's primaries and TRCs. This commit makes GIMP
      aware of this.
      - enum GimpPrecision: rename GAMMA values to NON_LINEAR and keep GAMMA
        as deprecated aliases, add PERCEPTUAL values so we now have LINEAR,
        NON_LINEAR and PERCPTUAL for each encoding, matching the babl
        encoding variants RGB, R'G'B' and R~G~B~.
      - gimp_color_transform_can_gegl_copy() now returns TRUE if both
        profiles can return a babl space, increasing the amount of fast babl
        color conversions significantly.
      - TODO: no solution yet for getting libgimp drawable proxy buffers in
        the right format with space.
      - follow the GimpPrecision change.
      - TODO: everything else unchanged and partly broken or sub-optimal,
        like setting a new image's color profile too late.
      - add enum GimpTRCType { LINEAR, NON_LINEAR, PERCEPTUAL } as
        replacement for all "linear" booleans.
      - change gimp-babl functions to take babl spaces and GimpTRCType
        parameters and support all sorts of new perceptual ~ formats.
      - a lot of places changed in the early days of goat invasion didn't
        take advantage of gimp-babl utility functions and constructed
        formats manually. They all needed revisiting and many now use much
        simpler code calling gimp-babl API.
      - change gimp_babl_format_get_color_profile() to really extract a
        newly allocated color profile from the format, and add
        gimp_babl_get_builtin_color_profile() which does the same as
        gimp_babl_format_get_color_profile() did before. Visited all callers
        to decide whether they are looking for the format's actual profile,
        or for one of the builtin profiles, simplifying code that only needs
        builtin profiles.
      - drawables have a new get_space_api(), get_linear() is now get_trc().
      - images now have a "layer space" and an API to get it,
        gimp_image_get_layer_format() returns formats in that space.
      - an image's layer space is created from the image's color profile,
        change gimpimage-color-profile to deal with that correctly
      - change many babl_format() calls to babl_format_with_space() and take
        the space from passed formats or drawables
      - add function gimp_layer_fix_format_space() which replaces the
        layer's buffer with one that has the image's layer format, but
        doesn't change pixel values
      - use gimp_layer_fix_format_space() to make sure layers loaded from
        XCF and created by plug-ins have the right space when added to the
        image, because it's impossible to always assign the right space upon
        layer creation
      - "assign color profile" and "discard color profile" now require use
        of gimp_layer_fix_format_space() too because the profile is now
        embedded in all formats via the space.  Add
        gimp_image_assign_color_profile() which does all that and call it
        instead of a simple gimp_image_set_color_profile(), also from the
        PDB set-color-profile functions, which are essentially "assign" and
        "discard" calls.
      - generally, make sure a new image's color profile is set before
        adding layers to it, gimp_image_set_color_profile() is more than
        before considered know-what-you-are-doing API.
      - take special precaution in all places that call
        gimp_drawable_convert_type(), we now must pass a new_profile from
        all callers that convert layers within the same image (such as
        image_convert_type, image_convert_precision), because the layer's
        new space can't be determined from the image's layer format during
        the call.
      - change all "linear" properties to "trc", in all config objects like
        for levels and curves, in the histogram, in the widgets. This results
        in some GUI that now has three choices instead of two.
        TODO: we might want to reduce that back to two later.
      - keep "linear" boolean properties around as compat if needed for file
        pasring, but always convert the parsed parsed boolean to
      - TODO: the image's "enable color management" switch is currently
        broken, will fix that in another commit.
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      app: use GimpObjectQueue in lots of places · 139a2345
      Ell authored
      Use GimpObjectQueue, added in the previous commit, in various
      instances where we perform an action on a set of objects.  This
      improves progress reporting, by using a single progress for the
      entire operation, rather than reporting the progress of each object
      individually, and by taking the relative cost of each object into
      account, instead of assuming a uniform cost for all objects.
      In particular, this affects the various whole-image operations
      (i.e., transformations and color conversions), operations on linked
      items, and operations on layer groups.  This also affects layers
      with masks, whose progress is now reported together instead of
      Additionally, this commit fixes erroneous group-layer mask cropping
      during undo when resizing the image, by properly calling
      {start,end}_move() on all the resized layers before starting the
      operation, and when scaling the image, by only scaling top-level
      layers, and letting group layers scale their children themselves.
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      app: add "gboolean convert_profile" to GimpDrawable::convert_type() · 76782e62
      Michael Natterer authored
      also add "GType old_type" to GimpItem::convert() so implementations
      can do things depending on the type of the original item.
      In gimp_layer_convert(), if the original item is also a layer, and
      color management is not off (with a FIXME because this is the wrong
      check), pass convert_profile = TRUE to gimp_drawable_convert_type().
      There is no color profile conversion anywhere behind this, this is
      just an API change commit.
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      app,libgimp*: fix includes to follow our include policy · 697572cc
      Michael Natterer authored
      - don't include <gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf.h> in headers in app/
      - instead, include it in many .c files instead of <glib-object.h>,
        finally acknowledging the fact that app/ depends on gdk-pixbuf almost
      - fix up includes as if libgimpbase depended in GIO, which it soon will
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      app, plug-ins: Don't modify iter->length · 34c50b0f
      Daniel Sabo authored
      The new by-row iteration doesn't re-write the length
      value for each row. In general it is not safe to modify
      the iterator data because the internal logic depends
      on the public data, but this specific case is new.
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      Bug 704118 - crash on invalid number of PLTE entries · 37372555
      Michael Natterer authored
      Make sure an indexed image always has a colormap. This was the case
      before, except one could set a NULL colormap via the PDB.
      Add gimp_image_unset_colormap(), and make gimp_image_set_colormap()
      never set the colormap to NULL, even if NULL is passed. Change the
      only places where actual unsetting makes sense to use unset().
      Make some GUI places deal gracefully with palettes/colormaps with zero
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      app: completely remove TileManager and friends (base/ and paint-funcs/) · 373a4e74
      Michael Natterer authored
      And along with it a lot of stuff like the drawable preview cache, the
      gegl tile manager backend, temporary gimp_gegl_buffer_foo() stuff, and
      the remaining bits of performance.
      The projection is in an evil semi-ported state which makes it work
      ok-ish for stuff like layer moving, but absolutely unbearable for
      painting, there is also an off-by-one rendering glitch at some zoom
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