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      app: in gimp_composite_blend(), reduce conversion of transparent pixels · 9d4084c8
      Ell authored
      Pixels whose source or destination alpha is zero are not blended, and
      therefore do not need to be converted between the composite and blend
      spaces (assuming a conversion is necessary to begin with.)  When there
      is a large enough segment of consecutive pixels that don't need
      blending, split the conversion/blending process around it, so that
      we don't convert too many unblended pixels unnecessarily.
      For layers with lots of transparency, this can dramatically reduce
      compositing time; for layers with no transparency, the added
      overhead is rather negligible.
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      Update Italian translation · 06e0c751
      Marco Ciampa authored
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      Bug 779942 - Make GimpPickButton honor monitor profile · e2ff1868
      Michael Natterer authored
      Pass the right flags to gimp_color_transform_new(), and handle a NULL
      return value.
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      Update Italian translation · 1f245731
      Marco Ciampa authored
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      Update Italian translation · a4d7841f
      Marco Ciampa authored
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      app: fix double node insertion to a graphless filter stack · 1b0966d9
      Ell authored
      When adding an item to a filter stack that doesn't have a graph yet,
      calling gimp_filter_stack_update_last_node() may ultimately lead to
      the invocation of gimp_filter_stack_get_graph(), which would create
      a new graph, and add the item's node to it; gimp_filter_stack_add()
      would then erroneously attempt to re-add the node to the graph.
      Fix this by calling gimp_filter_stack_update_last_node() after
      (potentially) adding the node to the graph in
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