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      desktop: start a <release> tag for 2.10.4. · dc8f44c6
      Jehan authored
      The 2 major changes seem to be the much-awaited font loading in
      background, and this new "Auto straighten" option on Measurement tool.
      Please everyone, feel free to tweak the release description while it is
      still commented out. Once we remove the comment tags, it will be
      submitted for translation.
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      desktop: use tilde for 'rc' separation in version scheme. · 60578285
      Jehan authored
      In other words, number the release candidates: 2.10.0~rc*.
      In any case, this makes `rpmdev-vercmp` to consider them before 2.10.0,
      unlike using a hyphen separator.
      Though I still leave the <releases> trick from commit fb6328b9 so that
      our unit test succeeds, since `appstream-util` still considers the other
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      desktop: fix the appstream unit tests. · 5fc91e92
      Jehan authored
      The first validation command was actually failing but the test was not,
      because only the last return value is taken into account, obviously. Add
      a '&&' between the commands.
      Also test against the built files, not the templates (in particular
      because `appstream-util` doesn't like .in.in templates, and anyway it's
      always better to test against the finale file).
      Finally move to "validate-relax" test for the time being.
      "validate-strict" actually makes a bunch of errors, but I can't make the
      time to look at these now. Let's just settle with basic validation at
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      Bug 779839 - Add <releases>-Tag to the gimp.appdata.xml.in. · 78f251b0
      Jehan authored
      - appstream-util returns a "style-invalid" error: "<ul> cannot start a
        description [(null)]". So I add a <p> introduction to the 2.9.8
        <release> tag. This was part of unit test failure on the appdata file.
      - I also add a type property for 2.9.8. This is a new property which I
        proposed and which just got accepted in the appstream specification:
      - I add <release> tags for all previous 2.9.x releases. No description
        for these, just a type property. But feel free to propose patches
        adding short non-technical description for these.
      Note: it was originally proposed in the bug report to use the appdata
      file in place of NEWS (and have this one generated from appdata). But
      after discussion with appstream project, appdata is expected to be
      concise, non-technical and more "marketing" than exhaustive. This is
      quite a different usage than NEWS which is more an exhaustive summary of
      new features and major changes. So these 2 files will likely remain
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      desktop: added release information to the AppStream file... · 6d26f78c
      Nate Graham authored
      ... pre-populated with release notes from version 2.9.8.
  24. 29 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      desktop: minor appdata <release> tag update. · abc1fbde
      Jehan authored
      Please everyone, review the contents of this <release> tag so that we
      can quickly uncomment it and submit it for translation. This is what
      will be featured in software installers. Let's make it a concise yet
      interesting overview of the 2.10 release.
  25. 14 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      Rename gimp.appdata.xml.in to org.gimp.GIMP.appdata.xml.in.in. · 458e3130
      Jehan authored
      I completely forgot to rename the appstream file according to the new
      ID. While doing so, I also make it a .in.in file, with initial
      processing by the autotools. Indeed I need @GIMP_COMMAND@ to be replaced
      by AC_CONFIG_FILES().
      Finally I fix a badly closed XML tag (which reminds me I should always
      test a commit, even when it's a simple non-C 1-liner change!).