1. 06 Jul, 2018 15 commits
  2. 05 Jul, 2018 9 commits
  3. 04 Jul, 2018 16 commits
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      Installer: remove Quick Launch icon · 76f7d6fa
      Jernej Simončič authored
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      app: fix signature of gimp_parallel_run_async() function template · b307c803
      Ell authored
      Remove the now-useless "independent" parmaeter.  It is supplanted
      by the new gimp_parallel_run_async_independent() function.
      (cherry picked from commit 00d034a1)
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      app: add mnemonic to the layer-group previews prefrences option · ce477319
      Ell authored
      (cherry picked from commit da1558d0)
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      app: fix drawable-preview offset · a9435b9e
      Ell authored
      (cherry picked from commit e6a59eba)
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      app: add active async-operations counter to the dashboard · 3c03fcbf
      Ell authored
      Add an "async" field to the dashboard's "misc" group, showing the
      number of async operations currently in the "running" state (i.e.,
      all those GimpAsync objects for which gimp_async_finish[_full]() or
      gimp_async_abort() haven't been called yet).
      (cherry picked from commit aa382650)
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      app: add config option to enable/disable layer-group previews · 0d2d45c3
      Ell authored
      Preview generation for layer groups is more expensive than for
      other types of drawables, mostly since we can't currently generate
      layer-group previews asynchronously.  Add a preferences option for
      enabling layer-group previews separately from the rest of the
      layer/channel previews; both of these options are enabled by
      default.  This can be desirable regardless of performance
      considerations, since it makes layer groups easily distinguishable
      from ordinary layers.
      (cherry picked from commit 30cc85fd)
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      app: make dependent options insensitive when "promote imported" is unchecked · a3883e5d
      Ell authored
      In the preferences dialog, make the "dither images when promoting
      to floating point" option insensitive when the "promote impoprted
      images to floating point precision" option is unchecked.
      (cherry picked from commit 5b9bc0aa)
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      app: render drawable previews asynchronously · 0765d888
      Ell authored
      In GimpViewRendererDrawable, use
      gimp_drawable_get_sub_preview_async(), added in the previous
      commit, to render drawable previews asynchronously.  While the
      preview is being rendered, either keep showing the previous
      preview, or render a placeholder icon.
      This commit also fixes an issue where, under certain conditions, a
      drawable preview would be rendered, even when layer/channel
      previews are disabled in the preferences.
      (cherry picked from commit 8a81bfd2)
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      app: add gimp_drawable_get_sub_preview_async() · f993de75
      Ell authored
      ... which is an asynchronous version of
      We currently support async preview generation for drawables whose
      buffer isn't backed by a GimpTileHandlerValidate tile handler
      (i.e., anything other than group layers), since preview generation
      fir such drawables may involve processing the corresponding graph,
      which isn't thread-safe.
      When the GIMP_NO_ASYNC_DRAWABLE_PREVIEWS environment variable is
      defined, all drawable previews are synchronously generated.
      (cherry picked from commit d79e3fbd)
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      app: add gimp_parallel_run_async_{full,independent}() · fac91dda
      Ell authored
      Remove the "independent" parameter of gimp_parallel_run_async(),
      and have the function always execute the passed callback in the
      shared async thread-pool.
      Add a new gimp_parallel_run_async_full() function, taking, in
      addition to a callback and a data pointer:
        - A priority value, controlling the priority of the callback in
          the async thread-pool queue.  0 is the default priority (used
          by gimp_parallel_run_async()), negative values have higher
          priority, and positive values have lower priority.
        - A destructor function for the data pointer.  This function is
          called to free the user data in case the async operation is
          canceled before execution of the callback function begins, and
          the operation is dropped from the queue and aborted without
          executing the callback.  Note that if the callback *is*
          executed, the destructor is *not* used -- it's the callback's
          responsibility to free/recycle the user data.
      Add a separate gimp_parallel_run_async_independent() function,
      taking the same parameters, and executing the passed callback in
      an independent thread, rather than the thread pool.  This function
      doesn't take a priority value or a destructor (and there's no
      corresponding "_full()" variant that does), since they're pointless
      for independent threads.
      Adapt the rest of the code to the changes.
      (cherry picked from commit b74e600c)
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      Update Swedish translation · e9b646d5
      Anders Jonsson authored
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      configure.ac: release GIMP 2.10.4 · e384409f
      Michael Natterer authored