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    • Ell's avatar
      Issue #1119 - Unable to give a layer group as a parameter to a python script · b295a33a
      Ell authored
      Pickle gimp.GroupLayer the same way we pickle gimp.Layer, so that
      layer-group parameters can be properly saved.
      All credit goes to Ofnuts :)
    • Jehan's avatar
      plug-ins: optionally define several float.h macros for MinGW64. · 7a7ecda4
      Jehan authored
      This plug-in failed to cross-build because these macros were not defined
      in the `float.h` of my MinGW64 environment (and they are used in some
      ilmbase headers). Just define them ourselves if they are absent. I do
      this only on MinGW environment because these should really be defined on
      Linux (and other UNIX-like, I guess?) and if they are not, we may have a
      bigger issue.
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      Typo · 43fb9242
      sabri ünal authored
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      plug-ins: clean the new Spyrogimp, rename it and remove old version... · e91028df
      Jehan authored
      ... from menus.
      The script-fu version is still available through pdb (for scripts) and
      even in the action search. But in menus, only the new Python version
      will be shown. Also update the description and name of the old version
      to make clear it is deprecated in favor of the new plug-in.
      Finally rename the new version to simply "plug-in-spyrogimp" (dropping
      the "-plus" part as we should consider it as a replacement rather than
      as another plug-in, which the "plus" would imply). Anyway the old one
      was called "script-fu-spyrogimp", so there is no name clash.
      While at it, do some trailing whitespace cleaning in the new plug-in.
      (cherry picked from commit 8729f9a6)
    • Elad Shahar's avatar
      plug-ins: Spyrogimp plugin rewrite. · a702c6a3
      Elad Shahar authored
      Comment by reviewer (Jehan):
      This was submitted through gimp-developer mailing list, by the same
      author as the original Spyrogimp in script-fu, but this time in Python.
      It does more than the original plug-in, with some automatic preview (by
      drawing directly on a temporary layer, not as a GEGL preview), and using
      the current tool options (current brush, etc.). The new API is similar
      yet different. The much evolved possibilities makes that I don't think
      it is worth trying to map 1-1 the new API to the old one, so I just let
      the old plug-in next to the new one, with a different name.
      Note finally that the author also contributed a new Spyrograph operation
      to GEGL, yet with the comment: "The GEGL spyrograph operation is very
      basic, and untested from gimp. I intend to keep developing it, since I
      thought that on-canvas interaction would be very user-friendly. However,
      I am not sure I will be able to get it work in a way that makes the
      on-canvas interaction interactive enough.
      Even if I do, it will not do what the Python plugin can do. It will be
      much more basic."
      So let's just integrate this evolved version of Spyrogimp for now. :-)
      See: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-developer-list/2018-September/msg00008.html
      (cherry picked from commit 52958343)
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    • Jehan's avatar
      Issue #2786: a few string issues. · f9c170df
      Jehan authored
      Several en_GB to en_US.
      Also "Show a preview of the transform_grided image". "grided" should be
      "gridded", but I also have a problem with the underscore. Should it be
      "transform-gridded"? Even so, does it really make sense?
      I chose to just read "Show a preview of the transformed image", which I
      think is simpler and the most understandable (we don't need to leak the
      implementation with a transform grid into the human read text IMO). If
      anyone think that was not the right choice, feel free to propose
      Thanks to Bruce Cowan for noticing these.
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    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Integrate the logic of profile saving with metadata saving · c667fdc5
      Michael Natterer authored
      Add flag GIMP_METADATA_SAVE_COLOR_PROFILE to GimpMetadataSaveFlags and
      initialize it from gimp_export_color_profile() in
      Adapt all plug-ins to use the bit from the suggested export flags and
      pass the actually used value back to
      This changes no behavior at all but creates hooks on the libgimp side
      that are called with the context of an image before and after the
      actual export, which might become useful later. Also, consistency
      is good even though the color profile is not strictly "metadata".
  16. 03 Dec, 2018 3 commits