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      app: start an infrastructure for on-canvas controllers for operations · f4f2de1b
      Michael Natterer authored
      Pass a "GimpCreateControllerFunc" to all gimppropgui-*.[ch]
      constructors which takes a callback (to update the config object when
      the on-canvas GUI) and a controller type that determines the
      callback's signature, and returns another callback (to update the
      on-canvas GUI when the config object changes).
      In GimpOperationTool, pass such a GimpCreateControllerFunc that
      handles creating and adding on-canvas controller via the new
      gimpfiltertool-widgets.[ch]. So far, a simple line like in the
      blend tool is supported.
      Add a custom GUI for gegl:spiral, and have its origin, radius and
      angle controlled by such a line.
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