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      Bug 765336: CRITICAL warning loading a thumbnail-less... · 5e5fb777
      Massimo Valentini authored
      tiff GIMP saved
      the plugin unconditionally used to add a TIFFTAG_SUBIFD
      whose number_of_sub_IFDs was wrong when the user asked
      not to include a thumbnail.
      Reloading the file in GIMP resulted in:
      ** (file-tiff:1): CRITICAL **: Directory SubImage1 with 18761 entries considered invalid; not read.
    • klausstaedtler's avatar
      icons: add icon prototypes · e62d46ae
      klausstaedtler authored
      the icons in the Prototype directory are intended as a
      'icon-pool' dedicated for developers, e.g. for solving
      Bug 759904
      All icons in there a not optimized (e.g. not pixel-perfect),
      the are available as vectorial too.
      Once they are in use by GIMP they will get all needed optimizations
      (Pixel-Perfect, Size.... what is necessary)
      Available icons are for symbolical and color icons themes and have 16x16  pixels.
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      plug-ins: Only enable darktable loading when it's installed · 24b9a24a
      Tobias authored
      For now we only check if darktable is in PATH, of the right version and
      supporting the featuers we need (i.e., Lua scripting). We still want to
      have a way to manually specify the path to the darktable installation in
      preferences I guess.
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      Updated Spanish translation · 0467d8c8
      Yolanda Álvarez Pérez authored
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